Review: Spectrum White Chocolate Stout

Today's sampling is White Chocolate Stout by Vancouver's Spectrum Beer Co. Prior to opening this beer, I had zero idea what to expect out of this beer and while it's starting to feel like stout season for me (saw my first snow of the season just the other day), I just feel a bit nauseous at the thought of drinking this beer. I mean, I enjoy white chocolate as part of a chocolate bar or whatnot.. but as a stout? I don't know if I'll like that.

I didn't find much information about the beer but I see that it's brewed with milk sugar and natural flavours. 5% ABV

Appearance: Full on Blonde/Golden Stout in appearance, something that was a rave for a whole week in 2017 but quickly died off. A light amount of cloudiness with a golden straw body to it. The body has a light amount of carbonation, while the head has a finger's worth of white head on top that diminishes pretty fast to leave behind only a ring of foam on top.

Aroma: Quite a sweet stout with a lot of milkiness in it, sugar and white chocolate. This reminds me of Hershey's Cookies & Cream chocolate bar. Light amount of nuttiness to it.

Taste: This is a sweet stout with a good deal of milkiness to it, notes of white chocolate, lots of sugar added to it. It's way too overly sweet and milky when first sampling, but once it warms up a bit it becomes more approachable to the palate. No noticeable aftertaste and the mouthfeel is dry yet a bit creamy.

Overall Thoughts: All the reviews I've seen about this beer were incredibly mixed and I can see why, this isn't for everyone. It's obnoxious for a bit to the point that I felt like it was going to actually make me nauseous but it's definitely drinkable if you like creamy-forward beers and love white chocolate, especially Hershey's Cookies & Cream chocolate bar. 

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