Review: Unibroue Autre Chose Session Ale Gingembre (Ginger)

Merci Nicolas for sending this my way! He always makes sure I get to try any of the latest Unibroue products that don't end up coming to my neck of the woods. Today I'm checking out their Autre Chose Session Ale Gingembre (Ginger) which is a Session Ale is a ginger-flavoured beer brewed with a hint of lemon balm. 

From the label: Indulge yourself with this refreshing Session Ale brewed with ginger and a hint of lemon balm. Its slightly peppery and lemony flavours are sure to quench your thirst, right down to the root. For those who seek something different, get ready because this beer is something else! 4.0% ABV / 12 IBU

Appearance: Clear with a rich golden/straw body to it with a moderate amount of carbonation in the body, followed by a faint white head on top that's pretty much only within proximity of the glass, though there's a couple bubbles here and there elsewhere.

Aroma: Just your typical ginger ale so far, smells like a Canada Dry to me. Fairly light but there's a bit of straw and a hint of cardboard at the end.

Taste: Ginger Ale for the most part, it's gingery with a hint of spice to it, followed by notes of lemongrass, grassy hops and a lot of hay and straw coming from the barley. It's a bit sweet but nothing substantial. Aftertaste is straw and a subtle hint of ginger.

Overall Thoughts: This is the second beer I've sampled out of Unibroue's Autre Chose series of beers and it's just alright. This series isn't supposed to replace the classic Belgian styles Unibroue's world renown for, rather it's to work on styles that they would've never had the chance to work on otherwise. If you're a fan of ginger beer, you may enjoy this but this is just a light ale with a bit of ginger and lemon to me. It's a tad spiced with a moderate lemon presence to it. 

It's alright but I expect more from Unibroue, but certainly a step above their U Blonde Pilsner. The Autre Chose series has promise but I'd like them to do stuff like a barrel aged stout, sours and anything that a typical Unibroue drinker might enjoy. 

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Unknown said...

On se demande où nous pouvons la bière au gingembre à Trois-Rivières ??? Plus aucune épicerie ou dėpanneur ou boutique de bière ne la détienne.Sommes bien dėsolée car nous l'adorons. Merci de votre rėpondre que nous attendons avec impatience !