Review: Malty National El Gato Pilsner

Thanks Greg over at Flatland Beer for sending this my way! I haven't sampled these many beers by Malty National Brewing Corporation since I last visited the brewery in 2017. Today's sampling is their El Gato Pilsner, which is apparently brewed with lime and salt.. which is the second salt & lime themed beer from Regina I've had in the past couple days, with the other one being Rebellion's Cerveza-style Lager. 4.5% ABV, brewed on July 4, 2020.

Appearance: Very light straw body with a light amount of cloudiness to it and a good amount of carbonation in the body. The head is fairly light with a snow white hue to it, predominantly touching the glass.

Aroma: Sweet malt presence to it followed by a heavy dose of lime and salt. Moderately grassy and floral hop presence at the end.

Taste: Hmm, this is interesting, the salt comes out before any other flavour and certainly more salt forward than a lot of beers.. including many Goses (try saying that out loud). Good amount of lime that reminds you that even if it may be Autumn, you can still think it's Summer anytime of the year. Notes of lemon, a slight grainy profile and a grassy and floral hop presence. The beer is crisp/crushable, certainly stronger than your typical pilsner thanks to the lime and salt used, to the point that there's a lingering lime aftertaste for a good moment.

Overall Thoughts: If you're someone who absolutely loves a lime & salt forward lager that's meant for summer heat, this is for you. As for me, I prefer the subtlety of the lime and salt out of Rebellion's Cerveza-style lager more, but I prefer the base of the beer in this one more, more of a classic craft Pilsner here. 

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flatlandBEER said...

I was lucky enough to get a howler of the base Pilsner - and you’re right, it’s excellent!

El gato was my Official Beer of Summer (2020)... it just hit the spot on this hot, dry summer.