Review: Half Pints Laser Mercaticorn Peach Milkshake IPA

Another beer I've been meaning to review for several weeks now, I picked this on my most recent visit to Winnipeg, which was already months ago, I also happened to pick up some of the last cans of this beer in the entire city. Laser Mercaticorn is a Peach Milkshake IPA by Half Pints Brewing. The very first Milkshake IPA I ever had was at Half Pints a couple years ago at the taproom, back then I only recently heard of the style but really didn't get it.. now, it's a pretty popular style that wasn't a phase like I expected.

From the can: Behond the incredible, unstoppable titan of flavour that is Laser Mercaticorn, part cat, part mermaid with a unicorn horn and fricken' laser eyes! It's useless to try and resist this unnatural abomination - A horned Ichthyofelis ready to blast your taste buds with...... geez, what are we even doing here?

What you've got in the can is a delicious peach milkshake IPA made with Golden Promise malt, hopped with Manitoba Comet Hops (Prairie Mountain Hops!) and made sweet and creamy with peach purée, vanila and lactose, cheers! 5.3% ABV / 45 IBU.

Appearance: LOVE the label, I absolutely love the cat themed beers Half Pints has been coming out with, they need to do more of it... their Major Tomcat Brut Saison was great as well. Laser Mercaticorn pours a very hazy orange juice in appearance, a bit of sediment popping out here and there, but it shouldn't be a surprise as this was purchased a couple months ago. Very thick. The head is fairly light with a light beige hue to it, light amount lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Quite a sweet, creamy Milkshake IPA - lots of tropical notes, predominantly peach but I also get pineapple, orange peel and a bit of lemon. Leafy and floral hops, hint of bitterness, quite creamy with a hint of vanilla.. definitely milkshake-vibe. Quite sweet.

Taste: Sweet Milkshake IPA with a good tropical sweetness to it, good amount of peach to start it off, followed by pineapple, orange and lemon. The peach flavour is sweet, bit juicy, more of a natural peach flavour than most so it's not giving off a Fuzzy Peaches candy vibe to it, so that's a huge plus! Good amount of creaminess to this, a light amount of tartness, and a decent hop profile that gives off a floral, leafy and slightly bitter flavour to it. Tropical, yeasty and a tad desserty.

Overall Thoughts: Peach, creamy, sweet, yeasty with a breadiness to it, quite tropical. Hope they make this again!

Here's another cat picture!

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