Review: Nokomis Cascadian Dark Ale

Thanks Greg for sending this my way! I've only ever had Saskatchewan's Nokomis Craft Ales a few times in my life. Aside from a bottle share, the last time I had Nokomis' beer was back in 2017.. oh how the time flies! Today's review is Nokomis' Cascadian Dark Ale. It's been quite a long time since I've had a Cascadian Dark Ale/IPA.. they were one of the styles back around 2011 but seemed to completely disappear off the map. 6.5% ABV

Appearance: Pours a very dark brown/near black body to it, reminiscent of a porter. The head is a light amount of dark yellow/almost cookie dough colour in appearance. The head diminishes a tad to leave behind a layered lacing on the glass but the beer retains a good amount of head as the beer goes down.

Aroma: Memories of 2011 - Dark ale with a good hoppiness to it. There's a roasted malt presence that gives off a coffee-like aroma to it, burnt sugar, hint of cream, and a good deal of hops that give off a decent amount of bitterness to it.. pine and somewhat earthy.

Taste: Earthy and rich & roasted with notes of coffee, a bit of peat, brown sugar, a bit of woodiness and a good heaping of hops. The hops give off a bitter, pine flavour to it, but also a mild citrus presence as well (grapefruit, lemon). Quite rich, bitter yet decently sweet. The aftertaste is pretty much roasted malt and bitter hops, lingering for a good amount of time.

Overall Thoughts: This beer was pretty much devoured the second I started typing. Really good Cascadian Dark Ale. There's a good amount of roasted malt presence to it, liberal amount of hops to give this a piney and citrusy presence to contrast the roasted malt.

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flatlandBEER said...

Cheers! Glad you liked it. Cascadian Dark/Black IPA is basically my favourite style (when done well, of course... as with all beer). And Nokomis’ is my go-to.