Review: Brasserie Nonsuch Chambière (2019)

Chambière by Brasserie Nonsuch is today's review in isolation thanks to (yet again!) the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg! Chambière is a pretty wicked name for a beer, something Nonsuch brewer Mark didn't feel like it fit in a specific category of beer so he created his own with this. I kind of wish there was more French text on the beer but it's about what's on the inside that matters most. Chambière is essentially a cross between a Belgian Saison and a sparkling wine. I've had their Cherry Chambière in the past but never the original, so here we go!

Appearance: Very cloudy honey body with a moderate amount of carbonation in the body - I was expecting it to be a bit fizzier but it does have a bit more carbonation than I'm used to in a typical Saison. The head has a decent amount of snow white head on top that doesn't really go anywhere, lighter in the middle, thicker close to the glass. Edit re carbonation: I poured it a second time and it fizzed down pretty quickly.

Aroma: Belgian yeast is the first thing I get from this beer - bubble gum, sourdough and lemon. Citrusy ale with a grassy hop presence to it, a hint of tartness, crisp, and a slight sweetness that's reminiscent of gummy candies like fuzzy peaches and those gummy worms.

Taste: Slight tartness to it that hits immediately when you first sip on it but diminishes pretty quickly. This has a good amount of Belgian yeast to it, giving it a nice sourdough breadiness to it, notes of bubblegum and a hint of spice. There's a real nice citrus presence to it that's pretty much lemon but also has a hint of pear as well. Very carbonated for the mouthfeel - it tickles the roof of my mouth. There's a bit of sweetness to it but for the most part it's quite dry.. the sweetness is a bit of honey and sweet grain. The aftertaste is a faint taste of pear with good deal of French baguette, mostly baguette.

Overall Thoughts: Cette Chambière est si bonne! I get why Mark the brewer felt like this deserved to be its own style with the same name as the beer, it's very Belgian but it doesn't really remind me of a Saison too much, and the carbonation is something I only regularly see in Nonsuch's beers. There's a heavy amount of yeast in every sip, good deal of citrus, quite a bit of dryness. Slightly tart, quite bready, perfect for both New Years Eve and a nice prairie evening of isolating at the farm. 

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