Review: Les Trois Mousquetaires Saison Brett Pêche (Hors Série) 2019

Thanks to Chris over at Quality Beer Store for sending this my way! I've raved a lot about beers from Les Trois Mousquetaires for several years now but somehow I've only sampled their beer a handful of times, usually at the most expected times thanks to the Quality Beer Store, The Common or the LC brings it in for some reason.

Today's beer is Les Trois Mousquetaires' Saison Brett Pêche. I've had the regular Saison Brett at the Common last year and was a big fan, which is crazy because I used to hate Brett beer until I found ones I liked while in Quebec/Vermont. The Saison Brett Pêche is a version of their Saison Brett, fermented in oak barrels with whole peaches, saison yeast and brettanomyces. The label states that has flavours of fresh hay, peach, wildflowers, and leather. Pairs well with Farmhouse sausage, homemade bread and Farmhouse cheese.
Malt: 100% Quebec Malts with Pilsner, Rye and Wheat. Hops: Perle, Chinook, Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon. Can be aged 1-2 years, served 6-10C and has has 7% ABV and 35 IBU.

Appearance: Very cloudy golden straw body, looks pretty much what I remember from the regular Saison Brett. Light to moderate amount of carbonation in the body and a light amount of head on top - a light amount of snow white head with a light sprinkling of bubbles throughout, but mostly concentrated near the glass.

Aroma: Full on funky. It has a liberal presence of Brett to give it a barnyard funk with a bit of woodiness and leather. The peach really compliments the Brett, giving it a sweet fruity aroma that attaches right to the barnyard funk. Notes of Belgian yeast, a slight hint of spice from the rye, and a crisp Pilsner aroma that brings out a nice lemon aroma at the end. So far, it's quite sour, almost a Sour Peaches candy sour, but not quite.

Taste: The Brett is very present in this beer, making itself known the very instant it hits my lips. It's sour, has a heavy barnyard funkiness to it (woody and saddle), the peach is sour yet sweet.. almost candy-like. There's a decent amount of lemon in the beer, a bit of a crispness from the Pilsner malt and a subtle spiciness from the rye. Slight hint of bubble gum and a light breadiness to it. The mouthfeel is sharp, very acidic and carbonated, while the aftertaste is a hint of sour peach.

Overall Thoughts: Quite a sour Saison, the sour peach hits pretty hard, as does the Brett yeast. It's a pretty heavy Saison so I recommend sharing this with a couple friends, also with some water. Funky, sweet and sour, tasty.

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