Review: Partake Stout (Non-alcoholic)

A few weeks ago I had a poll on a few of my social media accounts asking what people would like to see me review for non-alcoholic beer. The poll ended up being a dead tie, so I asked again and Partake's Stout ended up winning. I'll be reviewing a few other N.A. beers in coming days, so stay tuned!

I've reviewed Partake Brewing's products already but their Stout is completely new to me. I saw Partake's Stout at my local Real Canadian Superstore for $7.50 per four pack (355ml cans).

From the label, the beer is brewed with water, barley, hops and yeast. 30 calories per 355mL can, 8g of Carbohydrates, 75mg of potassium, 10mg of calcium. No more than 0.3% alcohol content in Partake Stout.

Appearance: Pretty rich dark-as-the-night appearance, a dark cola/molasses appearance to it, thin body but no transparency to it at all. The head is fairly light burnt caramel with a few bubbles sticking to the side of the glass. The head diminishes fairly gradually but doesn't really diminish completely, pretty light head for what I want in a stout.

Aroma: Light amount of roasted malt presence to give it a hint of a coffee aroma to it, but pretty faint. There are some spices in here that I can't really describe.. is there toasted coriander in there? Slight hint of smoke, there may or may not be a bit of sweetness to it but I don't know. It's pretty watery for palate and the aftertaste is a bit metallic and roasted malt.

Taste: The first thing I get in this beer is a tinny flavour. There's a light amount of roasted malt to give it a hint of coffee-like flavour to it. There's a bit of a spice in there.. maybe coriander or nutmeg. There's minimal sweetness.. the faintest presence of caramel, if even that. I'm certainly getting quite a bit of cardboard in this beer.. never a great sign. Watery mouthfeel, bit roasted aftertaste with hint of cardboard.

Overall Thoughts: My computer crashed no less than six times in the time it took to review this beer.. If I monetized this blog then I might be able to afford to pay to get it checked out but meh.. nah.

As for Partake's Stout - this is the first non-alcoholic stout I've ever reviewed but I found that this to just taste completely off. The only thing that reminded me of a stout was the roasted malt flavour. Too much of a cardboardy flavour to it. One thing I don't get about Partake's beer is how the can manage to brew to only 30 calories per serving, that seems a bit weird to me.. I'd be completely fine to drink an alcohol-free stout that had 60-150 calories.

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