Review: One Great City Intrepid NEIPA

Today's review is One Great City Brewing's Intrepid NEIPA. I just realized that is only the second review I've ever done of their beer here, I really need to review more Manitoban beers!

From the label: Intrepid: codename of Sir William Stephenson, Winnipeg-born spymaster and one of the real life inspirations for James Bond. We named this beer after Sir Stephenson in hopes that more people will learn about his legacy and, because like a spy, this juicy beer at 7% ABV will sneak up on you.

Hazy from dry hopping, this beer has a full body, intense yet smooth tropical fruit flavours and minimal bitterness.

Appearance: Pours a dark orange body with a light amount of carbonation in the body and a moderately dense and creamy head on top, incredibly tiny bubbles.

Aroma: Decently sweet with a good amount of tropical presence to it - Pineapple is the most dominant aroma, followed by orange peel and lemon. Decently floral hop presence, not much of a bitterness, more juicy than bitter. Light amount of spice at the end.. possibly a hint of coriander?

Taste: The first impression I get is that it reminds me a bit of a Belgian-style witbier, it's sweet, grainy and has a bit of spice to it.. I still think I'm getting some coriander from this beer. There's pineapple, orange peel, lemon and a decent amount of yeastiness to it. Grainier than expected and I get a bit of a tortilla chip-like presence to it. Mild floral hop presence, quite smooth on the palate and not overly yeasty nor overly juicy either. Aftertaste is a hint of French bread.

Overall Thoughts: This NEIPA has a bit of a witbier vibe to it but also a light juiciness to it. Quite a smooth NEIPA, so it's no surprise that I haven't been able to review this yet.. every time I picked this up, it would be gone before I could even give my thoughts on the beer. Sweet, surprisingly grainy, floral.

OGC's probably my favourite brewery in Winnipeg that has a kitchen, those who know me know that I absolutely rave about their hot prime rib sandwich. I'm looking forward to trying their Detroit-style pizza, it's probably my favourite style of pizza.. including the always amazing Manitoban Greek-style pizzas that have a thick, dense, sweet crust, lots of toppings and usually cut in squares.

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