Review: Trans Canada Harvest Sky Rye Pale Ale

Another beer I've been meaning to review for a while, yet again! Today's selection is Harvest Sky (2019) Rye Pale Ale by Trans Canada Brewing out of Winnipeg.

From the label: Citrus & Spice | 23 IBU | 5.1% ABV. Named for its golden copper hue, harvest sky is a medium bodied Rye Pale Ale with notes of citrus, subtle Rye spice and a sweet malt finish that is balanced by the hop bitterness.  Our 2019 batch of Harvest Sky was brewed with ingredients from Manitoba's Cowieson Bros Ltd - Wheat, Southman Ag Ventures Farm - Barley, Manness Seeds Far - Rye and Prairie Mountain Hops - Cascade Hops.

Appearance: Pours a cloudy amber ale with a good amount of carbonation in the body and a thick amount of head on top - the head is yellow-beige in appearance, quite thick but diminishes pretty gradually to a layered lacing as the beer goes down.

Aroma: Sweet, grainy and hoppy. There's notes of caramel, rye malt to give it a nutty and spicy character to it, moderate amount of barley malt to give off a bit of a wet graininess to it.. the scent of brew day at your local brewery, or feeding time for livestock. The hops are a tad bitter (pine) with a bit of floral presence as well.

Taste: Pretty much what I got from the aroma. The beer is sweet and malt forward - caramel, with a good amount of rye to give it a nice spice to it. It's a tad earthy, has a bitter-forward pine hop presence as well as a bit of a leafy taste as well. Slight amount of breadiness to it, a hint of iron bitterness and a hint of lemon for citrus. The mouthfeel is pretty decent, carbonated; the aftertaste is grainy - notes of rye to give it a hint of spice, and bit of barley to give it a sweet barley presence.

Overall Thoughts: Sweet and malt forward Rye Pale Ale with a good amount of rye to it, slight breadiness. Not bad, there definitely needs to be more rye beers here in Manitoba.

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