Review: La Brasserie Nonsuch Tripel

I was invited to Brasserie Nonsuch's Launch Party back in spring of 2017 so it's crazy to think how fast times fly.. and their brewery opened just a stone throw from where they had their launch party (Cibo Waterfront Café) in autumn 2018.

Here in Brandon, there are an insane amount of beers available from Nonsuch at the 10th & Victoria Liquor Mart right now - Honey Oat Saison, Belgian Peach Ale, Cherry Chambière, Belgian Blonde, Tripel, Belgian Strong, Baltic Porter, Saison, and Old Ale X. A lot of goodies, I know!

One beer I haven't reviewed here yet is Nonsuch's Tripel, a Belgian-style Tripel (duh) brewed at 9.2% ABV. The first time I ever tried this beer was at their launch party back in spring of 2017 and since then, I've only had this beer ONCE more.. and that was a test batch provided by brewer Mark back when they were still brewing over at Barn Hammer! So let's see how the beer lives up to 2019!

Appearance: The beer is a bright golden orange with a light amount of clarity near the bottom of the glass and a mild amount of snow white foam on top of the bottle.

Aroma: Lots of bubble gum with a bit of caramel, more bubble gum, a bit of beer in my nose so it smells like grain and a very subtle hint of cream at the end.

Taste: The beer is sweet with a sweet malt-forward body to it, giving off a caramel malt front. There's a serious bubble gum presence to it that I'm getting in every sip of this beer, but after several sips I get a bit of a burn from the beer - a bit of a barley burn from the beer, but not much. This is quite sweet, and the bubble gum presence is something I never expected from the beer. This beer is a tad boozy, but as you know - sweet and and malt forward. I have half of a 750mL bottle waiting to be sampled... but I don't know how long it will take! *Several Moments Later* Well, the bottle is finished!

Overall Thoughts: Quite a sweet take on a Belgian Tripel and I drink a lot of Unibroue's La Fin Du Monde, so compared to La Fin du Monde, this is quite a bit sweeter with a good deal of bubble gum. It's not surprising that at 9.2% ABV that this would be a bit of a boozy burn.. but it almost makes La Fin seem watered down in a sense, I definitely felt the booziness creeping up immediately from this beer. So this is certainly a Belgian Tripel meant to share between at least two or three friends, or if you don't have friends like me, work colleagues who happen to enjoy beer as well.  Great to see the Belgian Tripel finally out and about.. I swore it was around in bottles for a while now and I was just not buying it.. but according to the LC website, it's new?!

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