Review: Lucky Bucket Brewing's Tropic Wonder Blonde Ale with mango purée and habanero pepper

This is the very first time I've ever tried anything from Lucky Bucket Brewing out of La Vista, Nebraska, USA. I have some good friends out in Nebraska but I think this may be the firs time I ever had a beer from there.

Lucky Bucket's Tropic Wonder Blonde Ale is a Blonde Ale brewed with mango purée and habanero pepper.

From the label: "When the sun sets, the party's just starting. A little bit of sweet and a little bit of spice is the perfect recipe for a good time. Forget the past and live in the moment. Cheers! 4.0% ABV"

The first time I had this beer, I had it at room temperature a few days after I bought it at a bottle shop in North Dakota, it gushed everywhere but it smelled great then!

Appearance: Pours a cloudy orange-to-straw body with a hefty amount of carbonation and a hefty dose of sediment throughout the beer.. almost pulp like. The head is a moderate off white beigeish head that doesn't really go anywhere.

Aroma: Very sweet Ale with notes of mango in every single sniff. There's a tad bit of a vegetal aroma of habanero but so far it's not really melting my nostrils so far - much more sweet than spicy. Tad grainy, hint of caramel and more tropical notes at the end.. but the habanero is there, but waiting for the next round!

Taste: The first impression I get was a good deal of mango sweetness but then holy fuck.. there's the habanero pepper! In every sip you drink, you get mangos right from the beginning of every sip but the ending is always a burning heat of habaneros. ¡ Muy caliente ! It's a tad vegetal, has a tad bit of grassy presence to it but the mango and habanero in this beer takes up 95% of the personality. Whew!

Overall Thoughts: A staff member at Broadway Liquor in Minot, ND told me to pick up this beer and I have 0 regrets, I like something different like this so glad I got it. You got a very welcoming tropical presence of mango that makes your mind think you might be drinking a New England-esque style of beer but then the habanero dropkicks you! Drink this cold because having this room temperature ended up with me being soaked in beer and smelling like habanero more than anything else. Part of the beer glass lacing right now almost looks like a grazing Bison right now so it's possibly a sign that it was a good idea to have this beer? Very likely!

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