Review: Flying Monkeys Chocolate Manifesto Triple Chocolate Stout (2019)

I really never expected to see this in Manitoba ever again.. but here we are - Quality Inn Beer Store just happened to have Flying Monkeys' Chocolate Manifesto alongside Aurora Heart in stock, I knew I had to buy them even if I'm broke as effffff. I've had Chocolate Manifesto a few times and it's honestly a stout that's in its own category to the point that I like to call it a chocolate coma because all you get from this beer is an insane dose of chocolate, almost to the point that if you were making chocolate milk with all the chocolate you can find and chocolate milk syrup, it would still be less chocolatey than this! For some reason this beer always reminded me a lot of their one off Barenaked Ladies' collab beer, BNL Imperial Stout from seven or so years ago.. though it probably isn't the same beer, buuuut both of them are insanely overly chocolatey, so who knows.. not me, that's for sure! 10.0% ABV

Appearance: When I first poured this, it wasn't the most heavy/thick stout, in fact, I saw a tad bit of clarity in the beer.. but then the glass was filled and it was finally almost black as the night. It has a bit of a cola brown hue at the bottom and a light amount of a yellowish-beige head on top with a very light amount of lacing to it.

Aroma: CHOCOLATE! SERIOUSLY, CHOCOLATE! If you were like me (which you probably aren't), back in my childhood I really liked chocolate milk, but whenever adults were around I'd add a ridiculous amount of chocolate syrup to it where it's just entirely way too sweet.. this is what it reminds me of. Lots of cocoa, chocolate syrup and a bunch of cocoa nibs. This beer is a tad boozy in aroma but the insane amount of chocolate pretty much overpowers it.

Taste: Definitely a sipper, the chocolate is intense and it's quite boozy so it really creeps up on you, so seriously thankfully this stout is only 473mL. The taste is pretty much what I just I just experienced in the aroma. The taste is very much like an insane amount of chocolate (cocoa nibs, creamy milk chocolate bar and chocolate syrup) with a hint of barley but somehow a decent amount of booziness where you start feeling a bit of warmth from the beer. Very creamy, sweet and definitely worth savouring after dinner this time of year. I feel it's kind of weird that it's mostly chocolatey but the booze is creeping up on me.. eeep!

Overall Thoughts: Thank goodness this is now available in a 473mL bottle because a 750mL bottle of this beer was overkill if you're just doing this for a review without anyone else around. I still think that this might be a spinoff from the amazing chocolatey BNL beer.. but maybe not. So, so, so much chocolate. Thanks to this beer, I'm ready to hibernate until March now. Seriously chocolate!

Edit: So, it turns out I reviewed the Barenaked Ladies' Imperial Stout before.. here's the review!

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