Photos: A visit to Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs/Bières Jukebox

A few years ago, Shawn over at Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs gave myself and Montréal beer writer HopCitizen a tour of their then brewery over at Oshlag Brasserie et Distillerie back in 2017. During that trip, he was able to show me the production facility over at Glutenberg, making me giddy as I was trying to promote gluten-free beer in the local newspaper at the time.

This time around, Shawn and Renaud over at Avant-Garde and Renaud over at Bières Jukebox gave me a tour of their brand spanking new brewery in Montreal - it's only an MLB pitcher's throw from Olympic Stadium so that's pretty darn cool! I wasn't able to visit the brewery when their taproom was open, I was able to check it out while it was still under construction and several months later: it looks like Montreal seems to enjoy their taproom, Santé Shawn, Renaud & equipe!

Here are photos from my visit back in May, I hope you enjoy.
The Brewery is right near Stade Olympique/Olympic Stadium so hopefully they'll get a bit of tourism rev!

Brewpub being built
Avant-Garde Jet Set Pilsner Française
Shawn from Avant Garde checking out a very-sediment-forward ale.

Funkadélique Brettastique honestly tasted like sour heaven!

Fashionista IPAAAAAAAA!

Renaud et Shawn

Barrel aged beers!
Taproom construction

Fresh as eff Fashionista IPA!
Some of their barrels

Brewing facility over at Avant-Garde/Jukebox
Beer helps the agriculture industry again by farmers using the spent malt from craft breweries - they feed their livestock with the spent grain, cows absolutely love it apparently!
Avant Garde BZ honey light heer
Shawn showing us the various beers that need to be canned at the time

Old BINGO! Sign

Various malts being used
Avant-Garde's Brewhouse
Jukebox Funkadélique Brettastique Sour Ale
Pouring Jet Set Pils

Photos from my visit to Oshlag Brasserie et Distillerie/Glutenberg

You can find Avant-Garde on social media over at Facebook and Instagram, and same over at Bières Jukebox on Facebook and Instagram

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