Review: Laughing Sun Red Dwarf Sour Ale

Thanks to my awesome friend Amanda for sending me a can of this beer my way! Laughing Sun Brewing is a brewery out of Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. My friend really liked their Red Dwarf Sour Ale to the point that she needed to share some with me!

From the label of Red Dwarf: "5.0% ABV, Sour Ale. Resplendent in red, we ferment this sour ale with loads of raspberries for a pleasant, dry finish and a beautiful berry punch. Winner of the 2017 Muddy Rivver Mashers Oktoberfest Two Track challenge, this beer is a collaboration with local homebrewers Brooke Morgan and Travis Booth."

Appearance: The first thing I get from this beer is the can, there's a bit of a feeling on the label on itself, kinda reminiscent of postage stamps from way back when, a feeling you can scratch.. it's nice.  The beer pours a bright yet very hazy raspberry reddish-pink. There's a moderate amount of off-white head to the beer. I've had only a few sours in my life but this reminds me of a sour!

Aroma: I know why breweries like to use raspberries for their Sours, raspberry is my favourite fruit and it works well as being a fruit that's overly sweet and jam-like, but also works well with other fruits and can be sour as heck but will always be that very same fruit that you fell in love with. Red Dwarf is moderately raspberry sweetness. it's a tad sour but not much.. still reminds me of jam to the most part. A tad vinegary at the end but the memories of toast make this beer more reminiscent of raspberry jam than sours in general so far.

Taste: The raspberry profile is pretty much dominant this time around as well but I do get more of a moderate sour presence this time around - The sour notes give off a very faint amount of vinegar and tartness but I find that it may be mostly coming from whichever malt and hop profile they're using there. Fairly sweet, a tad citrusy and slight amount of tartness.. but still not as tart as Saskatoon berries.. needs more sourness.

Overall Thoughts: My final sentence states what I feel, but it was still tasty but nowhere sour enough for my needs but this is a decent raspberry beer even with it not being just a tad sour.

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