Review: 2 Crows L'Internationale: Vol II - Historic Bière de Garde

It's always a real treat when I get to have something by Halifax's always awesome 2 Crows Brewing. Today I'm checking out their L'Internationale: Vol II - Historic Bière de Garde. The beer states that this is an International Collaboration with the Saison, Bière de Garde, and Farmhouse Ale Appreciation Society.. something that I think I could seriously get behind.. who doesn't love those styles?! 

Brewed with 6 row malted barley, raw wheat, Saaz hops, Strisselspalt hops, water and yeast. 

Appearance: As soon as poured this, I noticed that this beer was incredibly carbonated in the body, reminding me a bit of a stout that changes its appearance as the beer is poured.. but as a golden-coloured ale with a hint of amber hue to it. Thick amount of yellowish/beige head on top - stays for quite a while but diminishes so slightly to leave behind a bit of lacing. 

Aroma: Wild yeasty goodness right from the first sniff. The beer is sour, funky and sweet. Notes of barnyard, lemon, a bit of grassiness and a bit of graininess. If you like sour-forward Saisons/Farmhouse Ales, you'll definitely like this one. Notes of bubble gum at the very end. 

Taste: Incredibly sour the instant it hits the lips, it's a very lemon-forward sourness with a moderate note of oaky woodiness to it. Somehow fairly sweet with a bit of bubble gum in it. Barnyard funk pops up yet again, leaving behind a slight Sour Patch Kids aftertaste at the very end. As it warms up a bit, the notes of the 6 malt barley pop out to give it a bit of a graininess to it.

Overall Thoughts: When I bought this, I didn't know what to expect from this beer - it turned out to be a sour yet somewhat sweet Bière de Garde. Lots of funk in there but quite enjoyable. At 5.8% ABV, it's not boozy but it does help warm up the body a bit.

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