Review: Kilter Brewing's Elysium IPA

Nearly two months ago (already?!) the awesome peeps over at Stone Angel Brewing invited me to an Oktoberfest celebration that they were having at their brewery, it was a chance to schmooze with a lot of familiar faces and try some beers by breweries I don't typically get to try.. and there were an insane amount of amazing beers out of Manitoba that night. Once the event ended, I stuck around to have a few pints with good friends. One of the beers I enjoyed was Kilter Brewing's Elysium IPA, a luscious & divine IPA double hopped with El Dorado & Galaxy hops. I enjoyed it enough to the point where I ended up picking up a bunch of cans to take back to Brandon as it's not available here.

I decided to use the top photo to show off how wonky things can get with me when I'm trying to manually focus while using no tripod at all!

Appearance: Pours a heavy and hazy orange juice body with a bit of creaminess to it. The head is a bit of a frothy snow white head that gradually diminishes to a fairly thin layer, though the beer has a nice amount of lacing on the side of the glass to the point where it's definitely layered the more the beer gets savoured.

Aroma: Juicy, sweet, tropical and a bit cerealy. My first impression of the beer is that it reminds me of a beer mimosa I've had at Unibroue one time with Blanche de Chambly and orange juice - it's definitely beer, but it could also be orange juice (but there's no juice!) There's a bit of a sugariness to it, notes of mango and pineapple, a nice creamy presence that gives it a subtle creamsicle vibe to it, and a bit of a cereal-like presence so it gives me a bit of a grainery meets breakfast cereal vibe here.

Taste: The cereal notes in the beer are the first thing I get in the beer, and again, I get a bit of a grainery meets breakfast cereal taste (and yeah, I grew up on a farm so I know what raw grain tastes like, it's a snack)! There's a bit of a bitterness from the hops but not overly, but gives off a bit of a leafy profile to it. The beer is decently sweet and tropical with notes of orange and pineapple.. and maybe a hint of lime? I don't know but something citrusy that reminds me of Five Alive a bit.. grapefruit maybe? I really don't know. Actually, it's probably more grapefruit than lime as then that would help describe the bitterness I'm getting in this beer. The beer is a tad creamy for mouthfeel but decently dry, while the aftertaste is a bitter aftertaste that I'm going to attribute to grapefruit, with a hint of apple or pear at the end.

Overall Thoughts: It took me wayyyyyy too long to review this beer, especially when the beer says for me to drink it fresh! Nearly two months is nowhere near being fresh.. it's been that long?! I swore it was mid October when I bought this! I had a couple cans of Juicii the other day and I feel that Juicii is definitely a bit more simply orange juice in a can than this one.. though this is more of a juice in a can than many, many, MANNYYYYYYYY juicy/hazy/NEIPA/etc beers I've had in recent memory.

One thing I'm insanely excited for is that they will be opening up a brewery in Saint-Boniface in the near future situé 450 rue Deschambault! Félicitations La Brasserie Kilter!

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