Photos: A visit to Oshlag Brasserie & Distillery and Glutenberg

This year's Mondial de la bière had me trying more new beers than ever before, but at the cost of putting it on my credit card! I don't even recall 1% of the beers I tried at the event because I tried to try everything. Not only that, the folks over at the Glutenberg/Jukebox/Avant Garde Artisans Brasseurs table treated us insanely well! They treated us so well that I ended up spending most of my time with my beer geek buddies chatting with Renaud from Bières Jukebox/Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs and Shawn from Avant-Garde. By the time the weekend was done, Renaud and Shawn became amazing new friends! 

At Mondial: Renaud (left) and Tony (right) from Hell's Basement Brewery out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. 

I was already familiar with Renaud's Jukebox beer as I reviewed the Distorsion IPA back in 2013, but I wasn't familiar with Renaud and Shawn's Avant Garde. 

Shawn on the other hand was previously the assistant brewmaster over at McAuslan Breweries for around four or five years. I was always a big fan of McAuslan's St Ambroise line of beers so when I found that out, I was excited. 

Shawn taking time out of his Mondial schedule to chat with us about beer!

Shawn offered myself and Hop Citizen a tour of the contract brewery where they brew out of, Oshlag Brasserie & Distillerie, and with me absolutely love checking out new breweries.. I absolutely had to! Unfortunately Renaud wouldn't be able to meet up with us, it was still a fun time at the brewery!

Oshlag is in the same massive warehouse as Glutenberg, which surprised me.. walking down a long warehouse seeing large warehouse doors open with different businesses along the way.. I didn't realize that Glutenberg/Oshlag would be so easy to walk in to, but then again.. the location is far enough that nobody's going to expect to find a brewery.

Here are the photos I've taken on my visit to Oshlag and Glutenberg back in June! Thanks to Shawn & Co for the awesome hospitality! Some of the breweries that brew at Oshlag include Avant-Garde (of course!), Bières Jukebox, Vox Populi, L'éspace Public, and Shelton.

Mash filter

Oshlag's spirit still

Oshlag's crew hard at work!

Stills again

Grain shipment


Shawn & grain

A lot of beer.. mostly Vox Populi beer

Shawn showing off the barrels. The majority of the 200(?) barrels are Avant-Garde's!

Now for a visit to Glutenberg and Transbroue!

What's on tap?

Glutenberg and other beers all packaged up and ready to go

La Voie Maltée and Vox Populi ready to be delivered

Since Glutenberg brews an insane amount of gluten free beers, they need an insane amount of sarrasin (aka Buckwheat in English).

Brewery stickers!

Beau's kegs! I was giddy about that seeing that I was going to the brewery a few days later!

While at Oshlag a few rooms down, they were canning Shelton IPA, they were canning Glutenberg Blanche Witbier here

Freshly canned Glutenberg Blanche (White) for the United States market 

An insane amount of cans of all varieties from Glutenberg

Beau's again!

We're back in the Oshlag facility a few rooms down.. here's a flat of freshly canned Shelton IPAs

Sampling fresh-off-the-line Shelton IPA with Shawn and Hop Citizen

While I brought a can of Torque Red Line IPA to give to Shawn as a thank you gift, Hop Citizen one-upped me and shared a can of Skadoosh by Vermont's Alchemist with myself, Shawn and whoever was around in the Oshlag break room at the time! What a guy!

Merci à Shawn d'Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs, l'equipe d'Oshlag et Glutenberg!

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