Review: Category 12 Insubordinate Session IPA

This might be my last review for a few weeks: I've had awesome luck at losing things lately - I lost my Bose headphones (on the bus), lost my camera's lens cap (that's easy to replace) and lost my camera's battery charger. So once the battery is dead - no more reviews until I can find a replacement charger for it.. and Canon hasn't made it easy to find a battery or a charger for this camera (Canon T6S) so a regular ol' battery charger from the store might not cut it. I like to keep my reviews a bit fresh by using my own photos.. and I'm not going to use a cellphone camera because the quality just doesn't compare to an ol' Canon DSLR.

Anywho, tonight's review is Insubordinate Session IPA by Category 12 Brewing out of Victoria, BC. The beer tops out at 4.5% ABV and 58 IBU, brewed with Centennial & Colubmus hops and Crystal & Caramel Vienna Malts

Appearance: A cloudy copper-orange bodied beer with a bit of dark sediment floating around, a good amount of carbonation, and a moderately thick off-white head on top.

Aroma: A mildly bitter IPA with notes of pine, grass, a hint of woodiness and lemon. There's also a good deal of malt presence that gives off notes of caramel.

Taste: Bitter hoppiness right at the front - notes of pine and woodiness for the most part. This definitely isn't the freshest.. but I just discovered it for the first time the other day in the clearance rack of all places, so I think it came from another store. There's a bit of a caramel sweetness in there as well, but mostly masked by the pine/woodiness profile.

Overall Thoughts: It's a decent Session IPA even if it may not be the freshest, didn't quite have that really stale IPA taste to it yet so it was drinkable. Nothing special, just your typical bitter IPA for the most part.

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