Review: Beyond the Pale Pale Ale Project

Thanks Ryan for the beer! Ryan gave me a bunch of beers to check out when I visited him in Ottawa, but unfortunately with my luggage being beyond over capacity as it was already, I drank most of the beers he gave me. I saved a can of Pale Ale Project by Beyond the Pale Brewing - He introduced me to Beyond the Pale back in 2014 and I was really impressed with the beer, but unfortunately didn't get to try their beer again until this year.

Pale Ale Project is the end result of BTP's experimenting with different hops to create a great Pale Ale. Eight batches of beers were made prior to this beer, and in the end this beer ended up being made with a hop combination of Centennial, Amarillo and Citra. 4.9% ABV / 28 IBU

Appearance: This pours quite a cloudy pale golden body with a thick amount of white head on top, and a light amount of carbonation.

Aroma: This is fairly bitter with notes of lemon, somewhat sweet, light tropical notes. There's a bit of breadiness, pine, a hint of grassiness, and a hint of tea. The aromas are all over the place in this beer coming from bitter to sweet/tropical.

Taste: Notes of tropical flavours - a bit of pineapple and lemon. Fairly smooth to drink, light amount of pine bitterness, light amount of soapiness, and a hint of grassiness. Fairly straight forward and decent. Not quite juicy but decent.

Overall Thoughts: Decent pale ale with a bit of a tropical presence as well as a bitter hop presence. Fairly dry yet easy to drink.

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