Photos: Brasserie Nonsuch Brewery's launch party

I've been writing and reviewing about beer since 2005, but I only started taking it seriously in 2009 when The Cranky Beer Blogger blog was first created. I've seen a lot of changes in the beer industry, especially with Manitoba going from two breweries to I-can't-count amount of breweries. I feel like I'm a character out of the typical Weakerthans song, depressed, moody, a True Manitoban.. but if gotten the chance to go to greener pastures, move away in a heart beat.. only to be a stereotypical Manitoban elsewhere.

I've been lucky enough to go on lots of brewery tours, including a special tour of Unibroue last year, but.. I was never ever invited to a brewery launch party. So, when I got a personal invitation in my mail box by Ben over at Brasserie Nonsuch, I was the happiest I've been in months. I almost wasn't even able to go because on weekdays I have to rely on public transportation (Greyhound is essentially non-existent now), so I seriously thought I wasn't going to be able to go to Brasserie Nonsuch's launch party, I felt the most depressed I've been since I got laid off my previous job in 2015, I was shaking! Thankfully Patrick, someone who has been a bit of a connoisseur of interesting beers lately ended up wanting to be my guest to the event that night - Unfortunately for him he had to deal with my boringness, my anxiety and my desire for more beer (sorry, Patrick!)

I took some photos of the brewery launch party at Cibo Waterfront Café on May 25, 2017. Nonsuch will be starting to sell their beer in corked & caged 750mL bottles as soon as late June at select Winnipeg Liquor Marts (and likely the Quality Inn Beer Store). I'm only going to dream that it reaches Brandon some day! Lastly, Nonsuch still hasn't found a brewery location, so they are brewing out of Barn Hammer for now.

Here are many photos I took at the event, hope you enjoy! These are in (mostly) no particular order!

Pre-event pint of Barn Hammer's Sneak Belgique

Literature en Français!

Matthew Sabourin, President of Nonsuch Brewery

Ben Myers from Nonsuch

First of Nonsuch's beers start to arrive!

Bière de Garde

Bière de Garde pairing - mini baguette with some sort of cheesy garlic glaze

Belgian Strong pairing - mini baguette with mushrooms and some sort of cheese

Belgian Strong

Bière de Garde et Belgian Strong


Old Ale X paring - mini baguette with figs and aged cheese

Our view of Winnipeg from the window



Saison pairing #1 - Moules (Mussels)

Saison pairing #2 - fruits on shortbread

"Young Union Guy"

Dan! He used to work at Half Pints back in the day

Christel and Colin (of Devil May Care Brewing as of 2018) - they're especially excited for Surly to come to Canada

Nonsuch brewer Mark chatting with Dan

The Birchs! Owners of Barn Hammer - the reason why Nonsuch was able to brew beer so soon in the first place

Mark pouring Old Ale X

Kailey is ecstatic that Ottawa Senators just scored a goal

Old Ale X

Brazen Hall Brewer Jeremy having a chat at our table. Patrick is in deep thought

Nonsuch's Ty, he's originally from Brandon! As is Ben.

L'équipe / the team

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