Molson Export vs Labatt 50 - the battle of the Quebec guilty pleasures

I've finally done it! I'm doing a comparison of Molson Export against Labatt 50, the two guilty pleasure beers I enjoyed while living in Quebec City.. and the two macro ales that I honestly don't mind drinking.

First off, you'll be wondering Why would you do such a thing? You obviously don't follow often because I review stuff most people wouldn't just because I can! Also, some of you are wondering why I'm using a Rickard's Honey Brown and Moosehead glass for the review.. I don't have any proper glassware. I could've used an Alexander Keith's glass for the Labatt 50, but I don't want to give Keith's any support.

Molson Export

Appearance: Clear golden straw body with a moderate amount of white head at the beginning but leaves behind only a bit of head near the side of the glass for the most part. Definitely seeing a good deal of carbonation in here.

Aroma: Sweet creamed corn, very sweet malt forward smelling right from the second the can is open. Notes of straw, grass and lemon. The hop presence is mostly coming up as the grass aroma. Not much else going on.

Taste: Reminiscent of the aroma so far - I get a very sweet malt presence that gives of a bit of a straw flavour to it as well as the creamed corn taste. A good amount of lemon, grassiness and even a slight bitterness coming from whatever hop they're using in this beer. Sweet yet crisp, smooth and only a light amount of aftertaste (slight metallic aftertaste)

Labatt 50

Appearance: Clear golden straw with a very faint amount of head on top, mostly around the edge of the glass. A bit carbonated but not much.

Aroma: Very light aroma where I'm not noticing much at all. I get a faint crisp barley aroma graininess with a subtle hop presence that gives off just a hint of pine bitterness to it. Good amount of bread dough and a faint lemon aroma at the end.

Taste: The flavours I'm getting up front the most are a crisp flavour from the malted barley that gives off a slightly sweet flavour to it. There's a definite bitter hop presence in here which is always surprising to see in mass produced macro lager/ales like this - it's a light pine hop bitterness. I'm finding it a bit watered down so it's being drunk way too easily. It's smooth, light, crisp, no noticeable aftertaste and a definite hop presence.

The Verdict

While these two beers seem to be each other's main competition, they do taste quite a bit different. Molson Export has more of a sweet malt presence to it with a creamed corn flavour to it - more what the typical lager drinker would like. Labatt 50 is lighter (a bit too light) but has a nice crisp grain finish and a nice amount of hops for a mass produced ale.

Both beers are bringing back lots of memories of summers of 2006 and 2008 but I certainly wouldn't spend $8.00 on a pint/tall can of this at a restaurant but I'd still get this at a Montreal dépanneur for the hell of it. I have to give Labatt 50 the win even though it's a bit too light but the hop profile just did it for me. If you agree/disagree, don't forget to let me know!


Anonymous said...

Anyone that knows beer, agree's that Ale's are healthier than Lagers. Lagers just have to much Adjunct. I am not knocking lagers, mind you there are some good lagers out there. I just prefer Ale's. My go to Ale, is Molson Export Ale. My go Lager is Miller High Life in the can. I do not drink any beer in a white clear bottle or green bottle, because the sunlight skunks the taste and smell. I drank Labatt 50 for a while, but found it to be to watery, and almost no head, Molson Export Ale, is a bit heavier in body and taste, great head and lacing. { mind how you pour} Molson Export Ale, is the very best from Molson, I do not like the other Molson beers. Scores. 4.5 out of 5. Labatt 50, a bit watery, but easy to drink on a hot summer day after mowing the lawn, or working on you car. Scores a 3.5 out of 5. AND THATS ALL FOLKS, CHEERS!

old smoothie said...

i have been drinking labatts 50 since about 1965, yes i have had molson,s ex, gave me the runs. lol. miller high life was the beer of the late 70,s. i still today, loves a glass of labatts50. hands down winner in my point of view, one other thing, all legions have labatts 50. btw, i lived down the street from labatts 50, many of meetings in there for sure.

Unknown said...

Have been a fan of Labatt 50 since 1961 in my University days at Carleton. I still find it unbeatable for a true ale. Always enjoy the odd Molson Export but always go back to 50 for the real ale taste.

Unknown said...

Have been drinking Labatt 50 since 1961 in University days at Carleton. Enjoy Export for a change but always go back to ale in Canada!

Derekwiner said...

Export has always been a backup 2nd choice for me. You'll find 50 on tap in downtown Hamilton. The keg version makes Labatt's 50 the best pint of Ale in the world.