Review: Kilter Fog Machine Citra Double IPA

A few months back, I picked up a can of Kilter Brewing's Fog Machine Mosaic Double IPA at Quality Inn Beer Store in Winnipeg. One of my friends brought me a can of Fog Machine Citra Double IPA. Brandon will likely never get Kilter's beer ever again so I won't be drinking their beer unless if someone brings me some or if I'm in Winnipeg in the once in the five months when I'm actually in town.. if anything's actually in stock. I've enjoyed their Fog Machine series of beers, it reminds me a bit of Vox Populi's Vox Pop IPA - a series of IPAs that uses a different variety of hops for each series of of their IPAs, one that I reviewed was their El Dorado version - I love trying out different hop varieties of IPAs.

Appearance: Incredibly juicy and hazy - appears like orange juice with a light amount of white head on top with a light amount of lacing on the side.

Aroma: Sweet, citrusy, floral and hoppy. Notes of orange, pineapple, a bit of a creaminess (creamsicle!), slight floral notes, and a hint of bitterness at the end. Smooth.

Taste: Notes of orange and pineapple right from the beginning, a hefty dose of creamsicle creaminess.. tasty! Light amount of graininess, light tartness, mild floral bitterness.

Overall Thoughts: This Citra edition of Fog Machine is pretty straight forward and juicy, but probably not as juicy as Juicii. Absolutely tropical and sweet, bit creamy and easy to drink. Deeecent.

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