Review: Persephone Brewing Dry Irish Stout

I picked this up at Flatlanders Beer Fest two months back so that I could a bunch of Air Miles so I could afford my next bièrcation (which will never happen with how broke I am right now!)

I picked up a can of Dry Irish Stout by Persephone Brewing out of Gibsons, BC - Prior to Flatlanders, I've never tried their beer before. The label states that the Dry Irish Stout has a roasty, coffee-like aroma with undertones of freshly baked oatmeal cookies, flavours of dark coffee and toast with balancing bitterness. Nitrogenated with a very smooth texture and a dry finish. 4.5% ABV.

Appearance: Hefty, dark as the night stout with a creamy beige head on top. I was expecting the beer to have layers of carbonation throughout the body like many nitro stouts but this pours just like your typical stout instead.

Aroma: Mildly roasted malt profile to give it a bit of a coffee-like profile to it. There's a bit of caramel, cocoa, and a light woodiness in there as well. Does this smell a bit like oatmeal cookies? Yeah, it kinda does to a point... as long as there's no raisins in them (#teamchocolatechip)

Taste: The first thing I got from this beer was how thin the beer was on my palate and it immediately  reminded me of Guinness. I never really ever liked Guinness except for the Jamaican Foreign Extra version of the beer.. that was an experience like no other! It's very thin yet quite roasty so it gives off a hefty dose of coffee-like notes to it. The beer is a tad sweet with a bit of cocoa and a hint of caramel. Very earthy and notes of peat.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad but I'm still not a fan of the style unfortunately, decent roasted notes to it, a tad sweet but I find stouts like this just too thin on the palate, yet it definitely is quite dry.

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