Review: Cabin Brewing Misty Frequency New England IPA

Thanks Brent for this plus many other beers in upcoming reviews! I was in Calgary last year and heard rumblings about Cabin Brewing opening from friends but had no idea what to expect as I'm not familiar with the Alberta beer scene at all. Well, Brent brought me a nice mixture of Cabin's beers so I get to try stuff I wouldn't have ever tried otherwise.

The first beer from the selection is their Misty Frequency New England IPA.
From the website: "Remember when you heard that song for the first time? The one that moved you in a way you never new music could? Haze fiends prepare yourself. We’ve created a luscious new juice-bomb that is music to your mouth. A stack of Amarillo, El Dorado and Mosaic hops create a wall of aroma that assaults your senses in the right ways. Wheat and oats lend a pillowy mouthfeel that’s as easy as a breeze in springtime. High notes and undertones work in harmony to create a beer that is perfectly melodic, oh-so balanced and remarkably crushable. Relax, and open up your senses. Let Misty Frequency move you." 7.0% ABV/60 IBU

Appearance: Very hazy and juicy, bit reminiscent of a beer mimosa (3 parts OJ, 1 part witbier) and a moderate snow white head on top with a decent amount of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Sweet, tropical and creamy. Definitely reminds me of a sweet creamsicle right from the beginning - lots of orange in this beer and a good deal of creaminess. There's a bit of a leafy vegetal aroma in there, as well as a hint of pine at the end. Quite juicy and so far has a good reminiscence of a classic NEIPA.

Taste: Mildly sweet and tropical from the very beginning, a mild oatiness to it, a bit of creaminess to give this a bit of a creamsicle-like taste to it. There's tropical fruity notes of orange, pineapple and lemon in here. There's a tad bit of a vegetal presence that reminds me of fresh from the garden legumes. A tad bready, slight acidic and has a bit of an oaty aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Solid New England IPA with a good amount of juiciness to it. Not completely crushable as Cabin Brewing describes.. more of a sipping beer for me. Mildly bitter, a bit acidic, good amount of floral notes and decently tropical. Would drink this again.

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