Review: The Establishment Brewing Co's Night Moves

Thanks again, Brent! This is the first time I've ever tried anything by Calgary's The Establishment Brewing Company so I'm pretty excited to give their beer a try. Brent dropped off a can of their Night Moves, a Session Strength Tropical Stout with lactose. The stout is described as fruity, full-bodied and smooth with low bitterness. Featuring aromas of dark bread, cocoa, toffee, and raisin.

Appearance: Pours just like any stout, it's dark as the night and has a moderate beige head on top that gradually diminishes to a very thin amount of head that's only touching the side of the glass.

Aroma: When I saw on the label that it's a tropical stout, it made me go hmm as the first thing I got from this stout was a roasted coffee-like bitterness to it and not so much anything tropical. There's a bit of lactose in it to give it a nice creaminess but all I'm noticing for anything reminiscent of tropical so far is a very faint hint of apples and raisins.

Taste: Again, I'm finding this to be more of a rich, roasted and bitter stout than anything else. There's notes of black coffee which gives it a quite a bitterness to it. There's also notes of toffee, raisins and cocoa. As for the tropical aspect, I do get something the second it hits my palate but it immediately diminishes. The aftertaste though.. I'm getting something fruity but I can't pinpoint what.. maybe a hint of pineapple? Quite rich, bitter, a tad creamy as well and fairly dry on the palate.

Overall Thoughts: If I didn't see the word tropical on the label I'd never mistake this for a tropical stout. It's a really tasty stout though with notes of black coffee, raisins and toffee. Would I drink this again? Yep!

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