Review: Sleeping Giant #Selfie Saison

Thanks Sue and Jim for another Sleeping Giant beer! Today I'm checking out #Selfie Saison.

"Our first Saison of the season pairs Bravo hops with lemon peel and peppercorn for a traditional Saison flavour. Some added sugar gives this beer a dry taste, and results in a light, flavourful Saison for the perfect summer day!"

I'm a big fan of Saisons so I'm excited to try this one!

Appearance: Light cloudy lemon ale with a decent amount of carbonation to it. The head has a light snow white head with a tad of lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Dry, citrus, bubble gum, herbal hops and a bit of an earthiness to it. The dominant aroma seems to be bubble gum so far.

Taste: Dry hopped with notes of pine, lemon, a bit of herbal hop presence. There's a good amount of bubble gum, a bit of doughiness. There's a tad bit of tartiness but overall.. pretty dry, tad sweet, tad grainy.

Overall Thoughts: Fairly light Saison with a decent amount of bubble gum presence, fairly dry, bit of citrus, easy to drink. Not much really to say about it - it's a solid Saison. Living in a province that doesn't get access to many Saisons, it's nice to try something new!

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