Dead Frog Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout

God.. I have a lot of beers in my cellar hoard that need to be sampled, I don't know how long I've had this in my cellar hoard but it's been at least 3.5 years at this point - Dead Frog Brewing's Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout, in fact - they changed the branding of the label last year to make it more cartoony for some reason.

From the label: "A creamy milk stout brewed with 6 premium malts, roasted cocoa beans, and peanut butter. Flavours of roasted chocolate and coffee make way for smooth hints of peanut butter and a slight sweet finish. Made with real peanut butter." 6.1% ABV

Appearance:  Near black with a bit of a cola brown hue to it. The head is a yellowish cookie dough-like appearance, while there's minimal carbonation in body itself.

Aroma: Well, this has been sitting in my fridge for god who knows how long but it's pretty peanutty, it's not overly creamy or or overly reminiscent of peanut butter but it has a bit of a nuttiness to it, a hint of chocolate, and a tad bit of a roasted coffee profile to it. There definitely is a peanut butter-like aroma in here, not overly sweet like many peanut butter stouts I've had, but a bit reminiscent of a variety of store brand peanut butter that my family used to buy when I was a small child.

Taste: Quite nutty with notes of caramel, coffee, chocolate and a hefty earthiness to it that reminds me a bit of peat. This is moderately sweet and for some reason my mind is thinking there's ever so slight chunks of peanut in here when I know, there really isn't.. unless if the beer is somehow completely spoiled after aging for this long. With all this aging, it's held up a good deal but I do get a bit of a dark fruit-like presence once in a bit that tastes a bit like figs.. and it's probably not supposed to, but it's all on me. The aftertaste and the burps taste well.. like peanut butter.

Overall Thoughts: I'm not really a peanut butter fan but expect to see more peanut butter beer reviews in the near future - this one was more of just a peanutty beer rather than a peanut butter beer. Decent as a stout, not as thick or creamy as many I've had.. but this one precedes most peanut butter stouts I've ever had had in my life. If I see this beer again, I'll try it.. fresh!

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