Review: Cabin Brewing Super Saturation New England Pale Ale

I was browsing Twitter as I always do and came across a tweet from Lacombe, AB's Cilantro & Chive restaurant about one of their Le Burger Week burgers, in the picture was a can of Cabin Brewing's Super Saturation New England Pale Ale. Remembering that my awesome buddy Brent brought me a can to try, I needed to review it.

From their website: "We have jammed all the flavours and aromas we possibly could - and then some - into our New England Pale Ale. Red Shed raw wheat and oats provide a soft, pillowy body and silky mouthfeel. With a maelstrom of tropical hop flavours and aromas from out-of-this-world dosing of new world hops, this hazy beer will fill your heart and saturate your senses." 6.0% ABV/40 IBU

Appearance: Pours a hazy lemony-orange with a good amount of sediment floating around in this beer which is a bit surprising as this can is no more than two weeks old.. but I'm fine with sediment/floaties. The head is frothy and white, diminishes pretty quickly to leave behind a good sprinkling of foam on the side of the glass. The label on the can is simplistic but really reminds me of the awesome Dominion City Brewing's artwork.

Aroma: A tad vegetal, hint of popcorn, good amount of tropical notes of pineapple and orange. There's a hint of pine in there and a good deal of leafy aroma as well. Not overly a juice bomb but it's quite nice.

Taste: I thiiiiink I might like this a tad more than Misty Frequency, which was awesome as it is. The beer is fairly mellow but has a nice smooth profile to it with a moderate amount of oats and a good orange/pineapple citrusness to it. Oaty aftertaste. It's a tad bitter and a tad leafy but it's quite balanced and way too easy to drink. Not as overly juicy as some would prefer but for me.. but I think this is what I want in a go-to NE(I)PA, I would love to have a six pack of this.

Overall Thoughts: This.. this I like! I appreciate an over-the-top juice bomb just like many beer geeks out there but this one just tastes like one you could have a couple of and not feel overly juiced out. It's sweet but subtle, has a bit of leafiness and a bit of oatiness. I have no other words.. just.. yum!

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