Yukon Brewing's You'd Be Surprised Raspberry Citrus Ale

Yukon You'd Be Surprised Raspberry Citrus Ale

It's been a while since I last tried a beer from Yukon Brewing, but today I'm checking out You'd Be Surprised Raspberry Citrus Ale

Appearance: The beer is a somewhat clear golden/amber ale. The pour gives off a very carbonated fizziness, like a soda. Light white head that diminishes near immediately.

Aroma: Bit of raspberry to start off, hint of lemongrass, grassy alfalfa-esque hops, fairly sweet malt.

Taste: The beer starts off with a grassy vibe but then gives off notes of raspberry, lemongrass and a light hoppiness to top it off.

Overall Thoughts: Quite carbonated, notes of raspberry here and there but it tries to be a raspberry beer but also a citrusy, carbonated beer at the same time. Out of all the beers I've ever had by Yukon, I'm surprised how mediocre it was.

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