Review: Collective Project: Gose

Collective Arts has been working on some interesting brews for a one-off beer series called Collective Project. In the project they are working on one-offs including a hefeweizen, black IPA, a papaya saison.. and what I'm about to review, a Gose. Collective Arts' Collective Project: Gose came to Manitoba yesterday as part of the Coast to Coaster beer event at the LC. Actually.. this is the very first time that a Gose has ever been available at the MLCC, ever. Every other time it was a one off at a pub or Half Pints.

I still remember going to Barley Bros back in November during the Grey Cup. My buddy Chris ordered an Anderson Valley Gose, when he ordered it he pronounced it the right way - gose-uh but the bartender was confused and went "you mean gose?" That shows you how well goses sell in Manitoba. Things will change.. now.

Appearance: The Gose (er Gose-uh) pours a straw yellow with just a hint of cloudiness, enough to make you go "is this clear or isn't it?" Good amount of carbonation to start it off but it just leaves off a hint of white foam round the rim of the glass.. less than minimal.

Aroma: Somewhat tart, a hint of salt, notes of vinegar.. er more like fresh cut potato chips with salt and malt vinegar. Somewhat grainy profile in the back.. I just can't describe that scent.

Taste: The taste starts off a bit sour, like salt and vinegar chips right in the middle of the tongue, followed by a very heavy sack of steeped barley water. Tastes like the farm. Some grassiness, hint of lemon but for the most part - what I described already.

Overall Thoughts: Not much really there. Salt & Vinegar chips hitting a specific part of my tongue and for the rest of the time.. steeped barley. Higher ABV than most Goses I've had at 5.2% ABV. Not great but not bad at all.

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