Evil Twin Femme Fatale Brett

I've had a few Evil Twin beers over the years.. a few of them being collaborations.. like hoser Ryan and the Gosling with Crooked Stave and a few others that I don't remember right now.. all I remember is BRETT! Right now I'm checking out Femme Fatale Brett, another of Evil Twin's brews made with Brett. I've been drinking a good amount of Brett beers lately so I'm slowly getting used to them, but I need to see a brewery in Manitoba brewing it regularly/seasonally or MLCC to bring a Brett beer or three... so I can finally get used to the barnyardness for once and all.

Appearance: Femme Fatale Brett pours a heavy, cloudy golden straw, there's not much carbonation taking place but there's a light amount of white head on top collecting at the side of the glass and a few bubbles here and there near the middle of the beer.

Aroma: Damn that Brett! It's your typical funky barnyard woody aroma, notes of lemon, other citrus notes including a sweet pineapple zest, and god damned.. this reminds me of clearing straw out of the barn when I was 4-5 years old.

Taste: Tastes like it smells, a good deal of barn yard here. Lots of straw, lemon, the taste of a wood cattle barn if it was made into a beer. Then there's notes of lemongrass, pineapple, a bit of breadiness to it, a hint of booziness that's getting me a bit buzzed and an aftertaste thats slightly metallic, slightly bitter from the hops being used.

Overall Thoughts: Actually, I know what a barn yard smells like as I've been shovelling cow shit since I was a toddler. This is a woody, citrusy beer with a bit of a tartiness to it, a hint salty like a gose.


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