Review: Glutenberg Double IPA

I have to say that Glutenberg / Brasseurs Sans Gluten has done a damned good job at producing beer for those who can't consume food/beverages with gluten in them. Most gluten-free beers are frankly.. disgusting rice water but I've tried several products by Glutenberg that actually not only taste like beer but I actually enjoy. I absolutely love gluten, I'd eat pizza every day if it didn't make me fat but what I like more is breweries experimenting with different grains to create a beer like nothing else on the market because.. beer is such a wide category compared to wine. While checking out southern Quebec, I came across Glutenberg's Double IPA which I never knew even existed until then.

Glutenberg's Double IPA tops out at 8% ABV, making it consistent with most DIPAs on the market today. The beer is brewed with water (well, duh), millet, buckwheat, quinoa, candi syrup, maltodextrin, hops and yeast. 360 calories per 341mL serving, making it an anti-Molson 67!

Appearance: It pours a cloudy copper-brown which is reminiscent to quite a few DIPAs as it is, a thin amount of yellowish/beige foam that just stays put.. and that's about it.

Aroma: Moderately hoppy but the millet is the front runner in this beer as it's giving off a sweet, somewhat woody aroma with a hint of a diaper aroma. Notes of syrup, raisins and a bit of a cascade piney/floral bitterness in the background.

Taste: I'm getting the taste of diapers in here just like I got in the aroma but it eventually transitions into a piney hop flavour. There's a bit of syrupy sweetness that makes it a bit too much for me. Somewhat fruity but honestly, I'm not really enjoying it. The weird diaper-like taste is just too much for me. A bit of a hoppy bitterness for aftertaste that lingers a bit after... as well as leaving a bit of a hop burn in the throat.

Overall Thoughts: Not a fan. When I reviewed their IPA, I felt the same way in some aspects. When I get past the weird diaperness to it, it's actually somewhat enjoyable but I don't think I'm going to get this again. I prefer Glutenberg's Pale Ale Américane much more and I'd love to see a liberally hopped Imperialized version of that come to market. Their Blanche made an appearance at Flatlander's last month and hopefully it will be showcased at liquor stores soon because that's easily one of the best witbier-style beers I've had in a long time.

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