Review: PEI Brewing Gahan Blueberry Ale

For the Coast to Coaster event at MLCC, they have brought in a bunch of PEI Brewing's beers and damn.. PEI Brewing is pretty damned amazing lately! Not only that, this is the second blueberry review in a row! Right before this review, I reviewed Unibroue's Éphémère Bleuet, which finally showed up to Manitoba just the other day.

Appearance: PEI Brewing's Gahan Blueberry Ale pours a bit darker than straw yellow, cloudy, and a light to minimal amount of white foam, that.. as you can see.. diminishes immediately.

Aroma: Full on Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice, fruity and a fair bit of a tartness to it. Notes of wheat straw, hint of caramel and a light hint of bread.

Taste: The first impression is a very sweet, tart taste of blueberry juice. Once the initial kick of flavour dissipates, it's mostly a grassy, straw ale with a bit of a light blueberry aftertaste that kicks around for a bit. A hint of yeasty breadiness in there as well.

Overall Thoughts: Nowhere near as fruity as Unibroue's take on blueberry ales, but this is a solid summer time fruity concoction. With all the fruity beers that are coming out this summer, it appears that breweries want to win over the fruity cooler market, and in some cases.. it's working! 4.5% ABV

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