Review: Central City Red Racer Super Stellar IPA

This grumpy, depressed, anxiety-filled asshole always wonders how the hell Central City Red Racer sells out so often. The second anything branded "Red Racer" in Brandon.. it just sells out within a day or 3. I do kind of miss the times when I was the only one buying the craft beer, but I cant afford to be the ONLY one buying craft beer. In the first edition of this year's Coast to Coaster event at the MLCC, vendors, pubs and rural convenience stores - Central City's Red Racer Super Stellar IPA seems to be quite the popular treat. In fact, when I first had it on tap at Barley Bros in Winnipeg two years ago, the staff told me they were running out of the beer on tap. It's just that popular

Appearance: Super Stellar pours a bright amber ale with a bit of a caramel hue, a slight amount of cloudiness. The foam is gushing up with a thick and frothy beige, but it gradually dissipates to nothing at all.

Aroma: For the most part, I'm getting notes of pine, grapefruit, a strange bite of black pepper, mild notes of caramel malt and a hint of alfalfaesque floral notes from the hops. Pretty just out there as it is.

Taste: Hmm.. the first impression I got from the beer is that it's giving off a bit of a woody characteristic, followed by a liberal amount of caramel malt sweetness, a light amount of grapefruit, a light soapy vibe on the palate which is actually.. quite usual for an IPA, and last off.. a bit of a metallic aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: Just your standard Red Racer Ale in the end, lots of flavours all over the place, but in the end of the day, it's not as good as the typical Red Racer IPA... but Red Racer disappears within moments of appearing in Manitoba.

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