Review: La Voie Maltée La Malcommode Hefeweizen

I like to consider myself a bit of an expert on the Quebec beer scene but it's a bit too hard for me to keep up with all the beers coming out of Quebec because.. well, I'm in Manitoba! Sometimes with that, I'll try a beer by a brewery years ago only to not ever try another one of their beers several years later. La Voie Maltée is a good example of that. I reviewed their Criminelle Stout Impériale 3.5 years back but haven't had any of their beers ever again until Mondial last month. I wish I had time to try every beer possible, but I'd die from that, there's just too many beers out there.. just in Quebec alone. With it being summer, I picked up their La Malcommode Hefeweizen because I just don't really ever drink German-style hefes because I tend to go for Belgian-style witbiers instead.. so maybe it's the banana aspect of hefes? Who knows.

Appearance: Somewhat cloudy with a dark straw yellow, a bit of an orange hue to it. The head is pretty depressing because I'm finding that it pours out a nice light beige foamy top only for it fizz into nothing within seconds, I love a good head.

Aroma: Bananas, clove, a bit of an earthiness to it from the hops, a hint of bubblegum and a light doughy presence.

Taste: Starts out a bit acidic the second I taste it but turns into a medley of banana and clove, a bit of a metallic aftertaste, the tomato sharpness you see in ketchup, bubble gum, a hint of coriander and a light grainy blunt flavour from the wheat. Not bad at all.

Overall Thoughts: This is a very straight forward hefeweizen with a natural wheaty, bananay, clovey goodness with no noticeable extracts that you see in some of the bigger hefeweizen brands out there. I'm finding it a bit too easy to drink.. which is exactly what I want when I'm dealing with this heat and humidity!

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