Paddock Wood's Ragutiene Baltic Porter Revere Beer (Sherbrooke Series) 7/24

Paddock Wood's Ragutiene Baltic Porter Revere Beer (Sherbrooke Series) 7/24 by Cody La Bière
Seventh day of Beersmas! Today's beer is Ragutiène Baltic Porter by the awesome folks over at Paddock Wood, made specifically for the Sherbrooke Liquor Store in Edmonton. This beer was brought to you by Stephen, Paddock Wood's #1 fan. I've been waiting to try this, and why not today?

Appearance: Pours like a standard porter, creamy, very dark as the night, roasty, and with a creamy beige/tan head, the head reminds me almost of a whipped foam from a great coffee shop.

Aroma: The first sense of aroma I got was a bit strange, I had to give it a sniff test several times to understand what I was smelling. It smells like chocolate milk, followed by a bit of a roasted malt, minimal coffee aromas, quite a sweet aroma over bitter. Also a bit of cream in it as well.

Taste: Mouth feel gives me a very cream-like texture, like I was drinking some yumlicious chocolate milk. For the taste, roasted malt bitterness (like coffee) makes a very noticeable appearance, as does a mellow chocolate milk sweetness, so overall - this is quite like a mocha, but nowhere as near bitter, coffee wise. Aftertaste reminds me of Flying Monkeys' BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout a bit - as it is a bit of a chocolate milk/ice cream taste, well.. especially the burps taste like that.

Overall Thoughts: Seeing that I've drank so many porters/stouts/dark ales in this advent calendar so far, you would expect me to go "yadda yadda, time for sleep", but nah.. this is pretty good.. I appreciate the chocolate milk/chocolate ice cream subtle sweetness, a minimal amount of bitterness from the roasted flavours compared to most porters, a nice creamy feel to the palate, quite an enjoyable porter. Another winner from the folks over at Paddock Wood! PS, this beer has 9.5% ABV, holy heck.. for 9.5%, this is quite a mellow tasting beer, this tastes like a 6.5%, they really balanced the flavour without making you realize it's higher ABV.

As the Goddess of Beer in the Slavic and Baltic regions of Eastern Europe, Ragutiene represented the more refreshing and thirst slaking products fo the harvest. With her darling husband Ragupatis, the God of fermentation, they form a divine matrimonial power duo in the matters of liquid euphoria!

Is that a busshel of wheat in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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