Alley Kat Heatseeker Coconut Curry 16/24

Alley Kat Heatseeker Coconut Curry 16/24 by Cody La Bière
Day 16! Today's beer is Alley Kat Brewing's Heatseeker Coconut Curry Porter, a beer made specially for Canada's largest beer store at Sherbrooke Liquor. The name alone makes me expect a hot beer, a la Rogue Chipotle Ale, my taste buds are already burning in expectation.. eeek! Apparently this is a porter, but this looks more like a dark ale, nut brown at best.

Appearance: Pours a hazy nutty brown ale with some sediment, the overall theme is FOAM, LOTS AND LOTS OF FOAM! I had to let foam settle for 15 minutes total so I could get this started, it was incredibly foamy. A pale beige/yellow head.

Aroma: It has a slight amount of heat to the aroma, reminiscent to the Rogue Chipotle, so a bit a spicy chili heat, slight caramel, and something that's making my nose run, epicé! Slight amount of coconut but the curry is likely the most prominent portion of the beer.

Taste: My taste buds were expecting for full on heat like Rogue's, but for most part - it failed to deliver, I shouldn't have had expectations. It's a coconut flavoured beer with some caramel malt, and a bit of chili heat but the heat is incredibly minimal, it's a less-than-brief tingle that comes and goes. The sweet flavours in this beer are reminiscent to a good sweet amber ale, add in the coconut and chili, it's a slight spiced amber. A bit creamy to the mouthfeel, the heat of the chilis REALLY want to make a powerful presence, but fail to perform except for a slight tingle.

Overall Thoughts: I expected too much from Alley Kat's Heatseeker Coconut Curry as I was expecting a hot hot beer to the tongue like Rogue's Chipotle Ale, and it was nothing like it. It was quite mellow to the palate, had notes of coconut, caramel, and yes.. it did have notes of chilis in there, but Alley Kat mellowed it too much for my expectations, I wanted a bit of heat! It IS a tasty beer otherwise, but now I want some Chipotle ale..

6.1% ABV

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