Mort Subite Kriek Lambic 8/24

Mort Subite Kriek Lambic 8/24 by Cody La Bière
Day 8. The Kriek Lambic style of Belgian beers is known for being a very fruity, tarty, dessert beer, fueled by cherries. The folks over at La mort subite have their own version in a corked & bottle conditioned bottle.

Appearance: Pours a hazy cherry wood reddish brown with a it of a beige head that's just clinging to the side of the glass.. and that's aboot it.

Aroma: Expecting a deep aroma of sour cherries escaping non stop, I was disappointed. It's a lightly aromatic beer, the cherry aroma is there, but the sourness is replaced with a sugar-infused sweetness, slight bitterness from malt/hops. Parfumic.

Taste: Sour to the palate, but not really much flavour at the beginning. A sour cherry that's lacking a bit of cherry shows up, it's almost like one of those sour cherry lollipops a child would get in their youth. Not the best Kriek Lambic-style beer.

Overall Thoughts: This beer has an ABV of 4.5%, so for being on the light side, it does have a decent flavour - mostly a sourness followed by a bit of cherries, quite sugary as if grandmaman was making cherry jam.

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