La Chouffe Bière Forte d'Ardenne 19/24

La Chouffe Bière Forte d'Ardenne 19/24 by Cody La Bière
Day 19! I still can't believe it will be Christmas in 6 days.. already?

Today's beer is La Chouffe out of Belgium! Aside from Stella, I've never had a bad Belgian beer. La Chouffe is a Belgian strong Pale Ale, so it will be in the same style of beer as Unibroue's famous La Fin du Monde. It has an ABV of 8% so not as quite strong as a Fin du Monde, but still will pack a bit of a punch.

Appearance: Pours a hazy golden honey. Reminiscent to a Fin du Monde, but a bit hazier in appearance. Thin layer of beige foam clouding overtop the beer.

Aroma: The rich aroma of Belgian yeasts, grain, that tartness I just can't explain in Belgian pale ales. A slight apple sweetness and a smidge of coriander.

Taste: The Belgian yeasts start off the taste, followed by a bit of a grain taste. The tartness that we smelled in the aroma is engrained in the taste as well, I just don't know what to describe that flavour as. Sweetness of apple makes a very brief appearance, as does the coriander.

Overall Thoughts: I honestly don't think I've ever reviewed a Belgian Pale Ale, not even La Fin du Monde, because I just can't pinpoint what flavours and aromas I experienced. Compared to La Fin du Monde, this is lighter in flavour/aroma, but honestly.. incredibly tasty if you like Belgian Pale Ales and boy.. do I EVER!

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