Alley Kat Yellow Dragon Double IPA 10/24

Alley Kat Yellow Dragon Double IPA 10/24 by Cody La Bière
Day 11. The folks over at Alley Kat Brewing have a Dragon Double IPA series where they do a variety of DIPAs with different flavours/aromas/hops. This one is the Yellow Dragon DIPA, which is intended for hop heads. It's single hopped and uses the HBC 342 experimental hops. I love DIPAs so I'm excited as usual!

Appearance: Pours an almost-clear golden straw colour, similar to some filtered IPAs or lagers, looks like it will be a tame DIPA but looks can be deceiving! Creamy white head (minimal yet sticking to glass).

Aroma: Quite a light aroma to this DIPA. It has a bit of a raisin sweetness to it and a bit of a slight fresh cut grass aroma. Slightly perfumey.

Taste: The taste is where the beer hits my senses. It's quite bitter and hoppy as I first sip on it, but I let it warm up a bit and it gave me a flavour of lemon, a bit of grass, slightly herbal woody. This isn't as near bitter as most DIPAs on there, quite a unique flavour using unique experimental hops.

Overall Thoughts: Not even near as bitter as I expected, but the bitterness of the hops leaves a bit of a tingling aftertaste on the tongue. More of a mellow DIPA, but the woody/grassy notes is a bit different than I'm used to in most DIPAs where generally they jam pack lots of hops giving it a caramel maltiness, strong bitterness and lots of floral aroma. It has 7.5% ABV and 70+ IBUs.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, I've been reading through your blog. You pump out an impressive amount of content. I also reviewed one of the Dragon Series DIPA's, I have a friend in Calgary, and we have been trading through the mail:

You seem to have a love affair with stuff from Quebec, which is mostly what I review :)