Brew Dog Alice Porter 14/24

Brew Dog Alice Porter 14/24 by Cody La Bière
Forteenth day of Christmas! Today's beer is Alice Renaissance Baltic Porter by BrewDog Brewery out of the UK. BrewDog is famous for producing one of the strongest beers on the planet at 55%! This beer is incredibly tame at that, this Alice Porter is a tame 6.2% ABV and comes in a 330mL bottle.

Appearance: Foaming up quite a bit, so thankfully my glass was able to sustain it all - although it took a while for it to go down. Pours a thick dark chocolate, with a bit of a nutty hue. Beige/cream foam, thick yet slowly dimishing.

Aroma: A bit of a Belgian-style aroma honestly, from the fruitiness I get - followed by hints of milk chocolate.

Taste: Very mellow tasting for a porter, mellows out the coffee and roasted notes - has a bit of chocolate to it AND that coffee note, but only as an aftertaste for the most part. Slight fruit notes, very light but enjoyable after a long day.

Overall Thoughts: A bit of a surprise for a porter, has a creamy mouthfeel but doesn't taste like all the porters I've had this month as it tones down the roastedness and just gives a satisfying chocolate, sweet and mellow taste to it.

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