Green Flash Imperial India Pale Ale - 22/24!

Day 22! It's only two days until this project is finally complete! Tonight's beer is an Imperial IPA from Green Flash Brewing Co. out of San Diego, California - which is one of the current hotbeds of craft beer in the United States.

Appearance: Golden honey, fairly clear, lots of beige foam that's quickly diminishing as I type this.

Aroma: Hops. Hops. Hops. Hops. Smells of piney hops so it's quite a bitter DIPA. A bit of mint and a grapefruit backing.

Taste: Not as hoppy as I was expecting for a Double IPA, a slight bitterness shows up right at the beginning of the sip, but evolves into a bit of a creamy mouth feel, slightly piney, citrusy sweet and malty, slightly floral but not overly bitter. Tasty and easy to drink.

Overall Thoughts: The bitterness of the aroma makes this DIPA's bitterness mostly bark and no bite. It's a tasty brew with a bit of a grapefruitiness, citrusy, creamy mouth feel and overall - very solid beer. Has 9.4% ABV - making this one of the strongest ABVd DIPAs I've ever had, doesn't taste like it's 9.4%, maybe 7.5%.

This beer blends in Summit and Nugget hops. Hop on!

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