Review: Unibroue Raftman

Review: Unibroue Raftman by Cody La Bière
Oh Raftman, c'était un long-temps, mais je te boirai encore!

I haven't had Unibroue's Raftman beer for quite a while. It was one of the last beers I drank before I left Quebec City to head home back to Manitoba in 2008. Oh I miss Quebec..

Unibroue's Raftman is a Peat-smoked whisky malt ale. Lots of beers lately have been offering beer with whisky/scotch malts or aged in whisky barrels, it's quite intriguing for this farm boy.

Appearance: Pours a hazy rich amber-caramel colour, with eggshell head, the head isn't diminishing at all.

Aroma: Sweet, yeasty like every beer Unibroue makes, THAT unibroue smell. A hint of caramel/whisky.

Taste: Doesn't have as much of a taste compared to the last batch. Sort of yeasty, certainly not my favourite of the bunch. It has a slightly sweet taste, as I stated a year and half ago, and a minimal whisky taste from the malts, but not really noticeable at all.

Overall Thoughts: Kind of boring, but it's a nice beer to have once in a while. It's one of Unibroue's lower ABV beers (at 5.5%). This is what I needed for a stressful night. I love the label, it reminds me of the Log Driver's Waltz. Then again, (nearly) every beer that Unibroue releases has something to do with the history of Quebec. Great way to pay homage to your history. It costs $5.40 before tax in Manitoba.

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