Review: Natty Daddy Lager (Anheuser-Busch)

Review: Natty Daddy by Cody La Bière
So, my parents went on an impromptu trip to Las Vegas last week, because they felt like it. I asked them to bring me back some local Las Vegas beer. I suggested Gordon Biersch, Sin City Beer and Big Dog's Brewing. They weren't able to find any of their beers. Heck, Gordon Biersch was located only a few blocks away, but couldn't find it at all. They ended up going to a local vendor and asking for something good, tasty.. aaaaaand this is what the person suggested.

It's CRAZY to think that someone would actually think that a malt liquor like this would be considered good in any way, but we have to remember that "good beer" is a subjective term. To one person, a Coors Light tastes like heaven, to another, urine. Same goes for a nice roasted chocolate mocha stout, to one person it tastes like Christmastime heaven, to another - "it tastes like ass" as my sister would say.

When mom came by to drop off souvenirs, I thought at first that it was a gag gift, then I realize she was serious. Well, she tried. She's a person who believes that Coors Light (or Molson 67) is a truly delicious beer. She was trying to help, she doesn't know where to start. Alas, this review is for Anheuser-Busch's Natty Daddy, a "lager brewed with Natural Light's All-Natural Ingredients." (But even maltier and 8% ABV, guaranteed to get you drunk, yeah!)

I just remember, the clerk said something like "These beers will knock you over!"

Appearance: Natty Daddy comes in a 24oz tallcan (710mL), so two cans worth of beer. Pours a clear golden, exact same kind of golden lager appearance as any lager or light beer on the market today. There's some foam, very very tiny bubbles. I would call this micro-carbonated compared to Molson M. Eggshell white head.

Aroma: Corny, almost like plain nacho chips, aluminum, but not very noticeable. If you're one of those people who are finicky about beer, and want a beer that doesn't smell like beer, then.. this may be as close as you'll get, until you go get some damned water.

Taste: Incredibly malty, it's like a malt bomb in your mouth. That's all it really seems to have. It's not as malty as say.. Labatt Bleue Dry 10.1%, but it's still very malty. Also a bit of a metalic taste that stings slightly, the kind of taste you would expect in a Minhas Creek. You notice the alcohol in the taste. This is probably one step up from being Minhas Creek, Minhas Creek is that damned bad. Well, it has 8% ABV, so I'm going to be buzzed sooner or later.

Overall Thoughts: This is the kind of beer you would see me drinking if I had a "Crappy Beer Night", which I used to do once every few months with my previous girlfriend. We would all go to the closest beer vendor, and find the worst beer possible. I would get a 2 litre of Fort Garry Stone Cold, another would get a 6 of Minhas' Boxer Lager, another would get Lucky, and we'd be a bit.. redneck. Don't worry, usually the following weekend we had wine nights! This isn't a beer I would drink if I was craving beer. But if I only had a few bucks on me, maybe I would have to settle with this. One day when cellular roaming is affordable, my mom picking out horrible beer will be over, but until then, I'm glad she picked out something at all! Even if it's malty low quality urine with a high ABV.

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