Review: Unibroue Terrible

Review: Unibroue Terrible by Cody La Bière
La terrible, c'est une bière noire qu'est actuellement une bière delicieuse.. ce n'est pas terrible ;) Mais ma mêre dit « Une bouteille de Terrible? Tu aimes les bières terribles! »

Unibroue Terrible has been on the top of my beer list for a very long time, since I first heard about it in 2005. I searched high and low for this beer while living in Quebec, but had 0 luck finding it.. possibly because it's incredibly rare to find, and only released once per year.

I've had Unibroue Terrible before, it's a damned delicious beer. However, to the average Manitoban that is used to Bud Light Lime, Labatt Club, Budweiser, etc may actually find that this beer is terrible as their palate would not be able to handle such a delicious beer!

Unibroue Terrible is a Dark Ale on Lees, has an ABV of 10.5%, which is one of Unibroue's stronger ABV beers, comes only in a beautiful corked 750mL bottle with a shiny silver label (painted? not sure what it is). It LOOKS like a premium beer 100%. By premium, I don't mean "premium quality" (as in crap lager beer), but as in - a very very very delicious beer.

Appearance: Corked bottle, as said before. Pours a very thick dark, like a nice porter, or somewhat like Trois Pistoles but even darker than that. The head is a thick light caramel/cream head, it's not dying down at all. My stomach is rumbling, it's thiiiiiiirsty!

Aroma: The first thing I notice is a sweet hint of fruit, a cross between cherries and raisins. You know that yeasty aroma that's well known in most Unibroue beers? There's not much of that. Also there's a hint of alcohol hitting the nose.

Taste: A bit creamy on the tongue. It's hard to describe. I can taste a bit of the alcohol coming from the beer. It's a sweet beer with a malty/yeasty zing to it.. so if you're familiar with Unibroue beer, you'll know that taste. From the sweetness, I can taste a bit of raisin and other fruits. I notice a slight hint of chocolate coming from the bitterness. Slight caramel from the malts. Not bad at all.

Overall Thoughts: It was harder to review this than usual, mainly because it's quite a complex beer. That being said, it's damned delicious. I paid $8 for a 750mL bottle, which has 10.5% ABV. I'm feeling a bit of warmth coming from the beer. The cherry/raisin fruitiness makes it a nice Winter beer. If you are able to find one, pick one up, but knowing beer connoisseur friends, they likely bought up the entire stock prior to this review.

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