Review: Beck's

Review: Beck's by Cody La Bière
It's been a long time since I had this beer.. wait.. likely last Christmas, when I was given this as a stocking stuffer. Moooost likely, yep. That's it. Germany has so many amazing beers (my favourite styles being hefeweisens and bocks), so why settle for yet another pale lager? Pale Lagers were so.. 20th century.

Appearance: Pours pale golden yellow, clear. Minimal carbonation, close to no head except for a few floating bubbles.

Aroma: Skunkiness from the malt, and hay. I wish I could say more.. but I'm sick of Eurolagers.

Taste: A bitterness from the malt, like a skunkiness. You know that sourness that some European beers give off.. it's that. Slight bitterness. Very light on the palate. I'm bored.

Overall Thoughts: Just your average Eurolager. Skunky, bit of malt, hay. This will satisfy the average Canadian beer drinker. This is one of the better of the Pale Eurolagers, but not by much. Mark my words, one day people will be demanding for different beers from Germany, aside from Lagers. The change will come.. one day. Even if it takes decades.. it will come. Has ABV of 5%.

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