Review: Lucky Buddah

Review: Lucky Buddah by Cody La Bière
As soon as I picked up Lucky Buddah beer, I got messages from friends saying "You're making a big mistake". So, this is likely a bad beer. This is likely my final review for 2011, so.. here we go!

Appearance: The bottle comes in a unique green bottle that features embossing of a buddah. One of the more interesting beer bottles I've seen. Pours pale & clear golden. white head, slightly carbonated.

Aroma: Very skunky. The beer is a foot away from me and I can smell it well. This reminds me of those lagers from Europe and elsewhere that you just know that you shouldn't try. Skunky, skunky, skunky.

Taste: Malty and skunky is the main theme of this beer. Corn, rice and malt, oh, and grass.

Overall Thoughts: Stay away unless if you are a bottle collector. 4.8% ABV and $3/bottle (330mL)

Not worth the price. Skunky, corny, lager.

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