Review: Lakeshore Creek Classic Lager

Review: Lakeshore Creek Classic Lager by Cody La Bière

As a beer snob connoisseur, I like to try just about anything, mainly so that I can make sure that my taste buds are still working correctly. This means that I try a lot of crappy beer. I've drank too many beers by Minhas Creek Brewing over the past 6 years for my own good.

Tonight is no exception, I'm reviewing Lakeshore Creek Lager, which is also brewed under different names including Minhas Creek Classic Lager and Mountain Crest Classic Lager depending where you live.

This beer's a cheap beer, so you can't expect it be quality, and of course, it comes from Minhas Craft Brewery out of Monroe, Wisconsin.

Appearance: Hazy golden colour. It looks like Oscar Leroy's Oscarbrau beer he brewed himself on Corner Gas. It looks more like urine rather than a lager beer.. sort of something you'd see in a yellow water puddle. Foam is beige, quite carbonated.

Aroma: Smells like hay and grain. Not much there.

Taste: Cheap maltiness that's expected in low quality brews in tall cans. It has a bit of an apple peel taste, which is weird. Not much going on. Not that corny, which is a surprise for a Minhas product. Overall, the maltiness comes out on top.

Overall Thoughts: This is not the worst beer by Minhas, but it's not a good beer either. Friends don't let friends drink Minhas. Tastes like malt, looks like urine, smells like hay. Nothing much going on. It's about $2.50 for a 710mL can, and has an ABV of 5%. Do I recommend this? Hell no. Go with Lucky lager instead, if you are looking for piss quality cheap lager.

Random fact: Molson tried to sue Minhas several years ago stating that the appearance of the cans would confuse people thinking they're drinking Molson Canadian. I don't know who that would fool.


Kinthelt said...

LOL. Lucky Lager instead? Wow, that's some seriously horrible swill you've got there. :)

Cody Lobreau said...

It really is that bad. I have one more Minhas beer to review (their traditional ale Rabbit), It's going to suck too. After that, hopefully no more Minhas ever again. But if they make a barley wine.. uh oh.