Review: Du Moulin Pilsner (Brasserie St-Sylvestre)

Review: Du Moulin Pilsner by Cody La Bière
Tonight's review is Du Moulin Pilsner by the French Brasserie Saint-Sylvestre. I tried their 3 Monts beer back a few months ago and found it to be pretty interesting beer, sort of a champagne-style beer, like Deus des Brutes.

Looking on the can, I immediately see the words "Premium Quality". That immediately sounded off the crappy beer alarm. I have a theory that every beer with the words "Premium Quality" on the label has to taste horrible, and generally it's true - Great Western's Brewhouse Pilsner, Bitburger and Carib Lager just to name a few, are horrible low quality lagers or pilsners that use the words "Premium" term on the label to try to get people to get interested in the product. Alas, time to try the beer.

Appearance: Am I pouring a glass of carbonated water or beer? Oh, there's some colour. This is one of the lightest coloured beers I have ever seen. Lighter than Natty Daddy, lighter than Molson 67/Labatt Blue 55 and EVEN lighter than the water at the farm! It's very light. A bit of carbonation, head minimises immediately.

Aroma: Just as I expected. Just your average "Premium beer", a bit of malt and a bit of straw hay for aroma.

Taste: Ditto, tastes like any Premium beer I've ever tried. Your average European Premium Pilsner/golden beer. Tastes like straw (yes, I've tasted straw, by accident, as I lived on a farm for 18 years), a bit of malt, bitter, bland, boring. Yuck. If you've tasted boring European beer, you've tasted this one (example - Bitburger). Also, a bit of lemon..

Overall Thoughts: Will not buy this again, St Sylvestre's Du Moulin Pilsner is bland, boring and tastes like straw. It costs $2.85 before tax for a 500mL can, has an ABV of 5.3%. For the price, treat yourself to a bottle of Coke instead. A bit of a shame as St Sylvestre's 3 Monts isn't bad. French beer isn't that great itself, but it has its jewels.. just nothing like this.


The Beer Wrangler said...

Shame as I love the 3 monts and Gavroche from St Sylvestre - I'll stick to their Biere de Gardes!

Kinthelt said...

My thoughts exactly! That beer was worse than Labatt Blue.

Cody Lobreau said...

"Friends don't let friends drink 'Premium' beer." 3 Monts will still be a good beer though, but Du Moulin should be discontinued, immediately.